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The Invaluable Benefits of Mentoring

How the Golden Hard Hat Mentoring Program Works


Have you ever dreamed of owning a successful and profitable business that works for you?

You have two choices in trying to reach that dream, struggle on your own or seek the advice and knowledge of someone who has done it already for themselves and for others. Getting the advice and knowledge from a proven seasoned mentor is most definitely the shortcut to success.

The right mentor can help you, quite literally, grow your business. Small businesses that receive three or more hours of mentoring achieve higher revenues and increased business growth, reports the Small Business Association (SBA). Construction is unique, and strong roots can be built by the right mentor who understands and knows the construction business. He will help you navigate and avoid the common pitfalls that he has helped others avoid and conquer.

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How the Golden Hard Hat Mentoring Process Works:

1. Application: This initial step starts the minute a commitment is made to enter the Golden Hard Hat Program. The application requests specific information about you, your business, and the direction you want it to follow.

2. One-on-One Mentoring: You will work with Henry Goudreau, C.S.L. your mentor with 25 years of mentoring experience. He has helped owners turn around financially handicapped businesses, accelerate established construction companies, get new businesses on the right track, and grow them into wealth producing machines. You are NOT pushed off to some associate. Because of Henry’s personal attention, he can only work with a limited number of success-oriented owners.

3. The Discovery Call: Your initial call will focus on you and your business. We will go through your dreams and desires for your business and yourself. We will work out each item on a one-by-one basis, identifying the most urgent and starting the process of building the systems in order to optimize the businesses performance.

4. The Program: Henry’s Golden Hard Hat Mentoring program members are a unique blend of contracting owners who seek excellence in building the construction business of their dreams. They are professional and forward-thing owners. The program not only offers the weekly scheduled call with Henry, but he gives his members his proprietary information consisting of four HUGE volumes of information, the Word and Excel documents, and an exclusive membership web site with additional training.

The process takes time and that is why it is a one-year commitment. However, it is not unusual for members to comment that they are seeing huge gains within months of coming into the program. Individual performance varies depending on the work the owner inputs into the program.

What is nice is that the member is not left to their own invention, between the calls, the assistance Henry gives each member, the volumes of reference and the membership site, the members are fully supported by the program.

The 5 Terrific and Tangible Outcomes of Business Mentoring

As contractors with a burning desire to succeed, we spend tons on time and money sharpening our construction skills. We work our selves up the ladder of experience and somewhere along the way, we decided to go out on our own.

The big problem for 99% of owners is their lack of good business skills and knowledge. Being considered “business savvy” isn’t enough. The playing field, the industry, the customers, employees, and the competition is fluid and in constant change. The mix of all these variables in your business points to a vital need for a mentor. Many of my clients want to know what to expect from my mentoring. Here are five compelling outcomes of the program.

  1. You can expect a professional process that connects your individual desires to an overall organizational success, with metrics that will guide you and inform you as to what you need to do next to reach your next level of success.
  2. You’ll develop a strategic focus, something I call you I.B.M. (intelligent business mindset), helping you and your organization create the dynamic outcomes you desire.
  3. You can expect to raise both your and your team’s breakthrough results as the clear objective focus starts producing short and long-term results.
  4. You’ll become the master of your organization, setting realistic goals as determined by your metrics and your decision-making process will produce the results you want as you follow your strategic business-building plan.
  5. You will be looking ahead instead of now which will shield you from the potholes you’ll be able to avoid on your roadmap to success, even during times of intense innovation and change.

The commitment alone to the program develops your business mindset that is focused on optimizing your business structure while producing financial rewards. You’ll quickly close the gap between your dreams and your results because you’ll be equipped with the business-building tools you need to do the job.

If you truly want to take your business to a higher level of performance and reward, this is the program you need to be in.

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